January 10, 2011

A Perfect Fit

Our new arrival has been with us for just over a month and I must say she has adjusted to life at Casa de Crazy perfectly!

The first few weeks, Juliet followed me around whining because she wanted to be held... (I know right?! What dog wants to be held like a baby?!? Well, this one totally does! I won't lie, I LOVE it!) She never left my side, and if I happened to leave she stood at the front window whining until I got back... This drove Jason a bit (ok a lot) crazy, BUT that's thing from the past! Mostly.

While Juliet is usually by my side, she also runs and plays with the minis, snuggles and plays with Jason and I, and occasionally gets into some mischief (AKA chews up train tracks!) She is one spoiled little princess...

Madison loves to push her around in a baby stroller, Anthony puts her on the desk while he plays on the computer, Jason has taught her some tricks, and I just hold her like my little baby which gives me my baby fill and the baby bug goes bye bye! See is so snuggly and soft and I LOVE that there is NO dog hair in my house! Totally ROCKS! She is completely house trained and has only had two accidents since we brought her home.... How FAB is that?!

Juliet has been a PERFECT fit! She seems like she has always been with us and we all love her so much! I can't believe its only been a month!

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