January 31, 2011

Life has been quiet...

Which is kinda nice... The craziness is not so crazy lately... Honestly, its been pretty boring. Just like this blog post... lol

I think the snow days helped me get caught up with everything and I have just been able to chill out and enjoy my fam :) Looks like we will be missing school for a few more days and I am digging it :)

Wednesday and Thursday I had a great time with the minis and friends enjoying the snow days. Friday night, I hosted a party with my friends and we had a GREAT time... Cocktails, games, laughing, and catching up = my idea of a great night!

This week Jason is painting our playroom and my friend Julie is going to help me make a circle design across the one wall. I am so excited! If it turns out how I picture it, it will be AWESOME! Now, I just need Jason to hurry up and paint so he can start building the knock off Pottery Barn Kids table and chairs!

Hope everyone has a GREAT week... Mine is starting out FANTASTIC! <3

2 thoughts:

Rob said...

Quiet is good but it does sound like you have some stuff going on between snow days and painting the play room. Have fun!

~~Mel~~ said...

Quiet is definitely good but can end up being boring real quick lol.

Glad you enjoyed your night on Friday!