January 28, 2011

Let it snow!

Today is our third snow day and I am LOVING it! Yes, the minis may drive me nuts, BUT I would much prefer them home with me. Part of it is I DESPISE waking up to an alarm clock and I hate the morning rush out the door to get to school on time (I rarely make it on time), but I really do just like them home. We always have tons of fun!

we improvised with celery :)
The snow started off pretty slow, and we made some funny snowmen before the grass was completely covered, but when we all woke up from our afternoon snooze the storm was in FULL force! We had a BLAST sledding in our backyard and playing in the snow. The only bad part was that Jason was stuck at work and was not able to commute home... He had the luxury of sleeping on a comfy hotel bed all by his lonesome!

The kids wished Jason was home to play and I wished he was home to get our snow blower out, but we had a great time without him (even though I had to shovel all 10 HEAVY wet inches BY MYSELF!!) We were outside well into the night, we snuggled in and watched movies, and had a sleepover party in my room :)

The next day the kids had a blast going to their friends house and then having some friends over to sled and play all afternoon! It was another great day :) Today will be much of the same and I LOVE it!

Juliet LOVED the snow even though she had to "hop" through it!
Anthony and Ava sledding :)

 It looks as though another storm is coming early next week and I say BRING IT ON! Casa de Crazy is ready for some more white stuff!

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~~Mel~~ said...

You lucky bums and your snow days :)

Up here in Winterpeg no amount of snow stops us from going about our daily routines of work and school...boo!

Loved the snowy pictures.