January 2, 2011

I had a fantasticly FAB birthday this year...

even if it means I am quickly approaching my mid thirties (YIKES)!

I received the best card EVER from one of my besties and it could not have come at a better time :) I was having a bit of a grumpy day and it TOTALLY made my coffee squirt out of my nose as I busted out laughing and three days later I still giggle each time I think of it...

The front has two modern stylish chicks sitting at a cute table eating a decadent piece of cake and reads: Only the good die young!

We bitches live forever.

Instant mood lifter. LOVED it and LOVE her!

Since my birthday is New Years, there is ALWAYS a party going on  (just what this attention junkie loves) and this year was no different! I rang in the New Year (and my bday) with some great friends and had a blast (even if my husband was utterly wasted and did not let ME sleep in til noon as I requested... but that is another tirade and this is a happy post all about the fabulousness of my birthday!) We chatted, laughed, cocktailed, and laughed some more... Everyone sang to me and I blew out a perfect 29 because I am 29 forever... don't hate ;)

In the morning my bestest popped by and brought me the handbag I have been drooling over from Aubrey Plays (check her out... LOVE her and her stuff!! The red and black is now mine and I totally dig), along with some bra strap holder things, and some uber cute note cards... I love this girl! She totally listens to me and gets me.... I think she may be the only one who doesn't tune me out as I ramble :)

The minis surprised me with a Carvel Ice cream cake- my FAVE- and we all just hung together lounging and enjoying each other's company. Best day ever...

What more can a girl ask for? I have an awesome family, FAB friends, and life is good! Happy 2011!!

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