January 3, 2011

back to the grind

Tomorrow we are back to school and I am SO NOT ready! I could have used another week or two. I am not ready for the snack packing, alarm sounding, kid carting, and full on EXHAUSTION that school brings for all of us!!

The only positive thing is that I will have a few mornings a week and can get some MUCH needed this done around this house... IF I can stay OUT of Starbucks with my peeps :)

Resolutions have been made and so far I am sticking to them... Hopefully I can / will continue!

1. Lose the last 10 pounds that do NOT want to come off!!! (I will be gyming three days a week for sure, and IF I feel like it, I will hop on my elliptical the other days... When I commit to more days, I burn out and then I slack off, so I am hoping my Monday, Wednesday, Friday idea works)
2. Get ORGANIZED (I started on my master bath the other day and disposed of two trash bags of old makeup, lotions, medicines, and a whole lot of crap... Plan to tackle a small project every day and GET IT DONE!)
3. Cook More (this is the most difficult for me. I hate to cook, BUT I have been on a roll. I cooked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and today... For me THAT is huge!)

Hopefully, I can stick to them because I will be oh so happy if I do!

PS If you have any easy kid friendly dinner ideas, PLEASE share :)

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