January 5, 2011

baby GAP: Fail

Let me preface by saying, I LOVE baby GAP's tights. LOVE! They are thick, they wash well, and I have never had a pair snag... They are well worth EVERY penny....


My children run around in a constant state of undress... Clothing appears to be optional at our crazy house... Whatever, I got tired of saying "Put your clothes on" Oh about 2 years ago... Pick your battles... Right?

Madison tends to remove her skirts, yet keeps her tights on and EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I catch a glimpse of her when she has on those damn tights My heart does a triple flip, my stomach drops, and I dread a full on look because I just KNOW the mess that awaits!

Yes, every time I see her out of the corner of my eye, I INSTANTLY think she has had a BAD case of EXPLOSIVE diarrhea!!! Each time, I take a mental note of just exactly WHERE she was playing and PRAY that it was NOT in the few rooms that there is actually carpet, before I can actually LOOK and PROCESS what I am seeing.... 

Yes, baby Gap's signature bear is cute, but I think the designers had a MAJOR fail when it came to the size and location of this cute little bear on these wonderfully durable tights!

Do ya feel me or am I the only one whose mind immediately goes to the potty?!?

4 thoughts:

Shell said...

I admit that when I saw this pic on my dashboard, I thought she'd had an accident and I was almost afraid to click over.

That bear is pretty cute, though.

Aubrey said...

I am completely cracking up by this. I too have things that I KNOW by now are not a bad thing but outta the corner of your eye with a three year old the subject.... YOU NEVER KNOW!

M's Mama said...

Haha! Now that I look at it does kinda of look like that! LOL

Mommy to a lil lady[bug] said...

haha yes bad spot for the bear, I so thought it was something else!

My 4 yr old daughter is the same way when it comes to clothes, she alwyas takes her pants off as soon as she gets home!