July 12, 2009


I am sad to say that my poor little guy had a bad experience this week.... I am frustrated, sad, angry, and guilt stricken all at the same time. Some of you know about this and I am sure sick of hearing it, so feel free to skip this post! :)

We signed Anthony up for swimming lessons and he started this past week. He has always been leery of the water, but this year has really blossomed and has enjoyed playing in it! We are so proud and had hoped that the swimming lessons would foster this new growth!

Monday he did FANTASTIC! He had so much fun and really enjoyed it! Tuesday he also had a blast, but in true Anthony fashion his listening ears were not on the whole time.... He needed a few reminders, but still did GREAT!

Wednesday was much of the same EXCEPT that when it was time to jump in they did not catch them this time. This shocked Anthony and he, admittedly, freaked OUT! I gave him a hug and sent him back to his class... When it was his turn to jump in he refused and MELTED down! Understandably he was told to find his mother and I took him home. No big deal. He was frightened and we discussed it! I explained that we would speak with the life guards and they would NOT let him go under.

Thursday came and we talked about it a lot and he did not want to go, but I told him he had to try. I spoke to the guard in front of Anthony and she assured us both that he would not "sink" this time.

The time came for him to put a life vest on and the waterworks came. They put one on him though.... All the kids began walking towards the opposite end of the pool and Anthony was refusing to follow.

At this point, one of the guards picked him up and football carried him a few feet. All the while he was SCREAMING "no thank you! I no like it! I'm scared" At this point my attention was diverted to Madison and my friend Sara saw the guard hold her arms out and drop him into the pool. He went under and when he surfaced he was terrified.... At this point Sara told me what had happened and I immediately went to get him.

As I was approaching the pool, another life guard was in the pool with Anthony and swimming him over to the end where his class was. Anthony was screaming. The guard was speaking over Ant's screams and repeated, "If you do not stop screaming I will leave you in the pool". I leaned in to get him and the guard turned to the others and said, "What is wrong with this kid?!?!"

One of the guards, said "Dude his mom is right there" At this point I took my son and we dried off and I dressed him. I left him with Sara as I looked for an adult supervisor. I could NOT find one... So we left.

I was shocked.... I did not confront the life guards because:
  1. I would have been inappropriate / used inappropriate language in front of all the kids...
  2. They were kids and I would have gotten no where
  3. I was in shock and did not know what to do!

I called the head of the parks and rec center and explained the situation. He promised to look into it. Anther parent (whom I do not know) apparently called and complained as well. I have since emailed with her and she has contacted CPS over the incident also.....

I want the girl who dropped my son into the pool to be fired..... I know that she was NOT at the final lesson tonight, BUT I have not heard back from the parks and rec head.... I will be calling him on Monday to find out how this issue has been resolved!

Anthony was treated poorly and was in a sense abused by this girl. She should NOT be working with children!!! I do not know what I should do if the girl is not fired.... I will be anxiously thinking of what the next step will be if she is still a life guard.....

Sorry for the novel....

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~*~ Melissa ~*~ said...

OMG, that is horrible!! I give you credit for not running your mouth, it had to have been hard to bite your tongue. I would definitely keep calling until this is resolved though. what would they have done if you weren't there, kwim?

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

WOW, I am speechless, that is so unacceptable on so many levels!!

Jen said...

OMG there are SO many things that are completely WRONG about this situation.

1) The 'guard' who dropped him in the water should have found you as soon as Anthony started freaking out.

2) The kid who threatened to leave him in the pool needs to be disciplined.

3) WHERE was the adult manager? I don't think I've ever been to our pool and not been able to find an adult staff member there.

I'm SO sorry for Anthony - the pool is SO scary for some kids (W hated the deep end last year) but they do outgrow it if they have positive experiences. I hope you get some satisfaction from Parks & Rec.

~~Mel~~ said...

Stac, I was following this on FB but of course didn't get all the details...what those guards did is completely unacceptable! I hope they have taken action...let us know what you hear tomorrow.

supah ~d said...

Keep at it. Don't let it go.

Write a letter. Get it on file.
Call. Call. Call. Call. until you are assured that the situation was handled.

supah ~d said...

Keep at it. Don't let it go.

Write a letter. Get it on file.
Call. Call. Call. Call. until you are assured that the situation was handled.

Walking w/God said...

I'm proud of you for seeing this through without loosing your cool. I'm sure it feels like nothing is happening but with prayer and persistence, justice will prevail.
Psalm 37: 34 says
"Wait passionately for God, don't leave the path.
He'll give you your place in the sun while you watch the wicked lose it."
Can't wait to hear how this grows you and Anthony.

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't even know what to say!!!!!!

There should have been at least one adult supervisor there!!

Please, please..keep us updated on all of this!!

Connie Weiss said...

I'm horrified!!

I can tell you that I wouldn't have been able to restrain myself and would have told those kids off right then and there.

Please tell us what happens. I want that gal fired too.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

UGH, I am so upset about this! I cannot believe that this happened. What a horrible way to treat children. Poor Anthony. Good for you for keeping cool. I'm not sure I could have.

Nita said...


How dare the first one drop him in, but then the second one threatened to leave him someplace where he was clearly petrified to be in the first place. Are you kidding me?

I am so sorry for you and for your son to have experienced this. It is ridiculous.

Have you considered Infant Swim Resource? It is costly, but it might undo all the harm these kids have caused. www.infantswim.com M boss did it with his 4yo son who wouldn't go past the edge of the pool and it was amazing.

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! YOu have way more self control than I do. I would have FREAKED out on those idiots!

Poor Anthony!