April 30, 2013

April 23, 2013

April 18, 2013

Dance is win win for everyone

Madison takes ballet and tap. She loves it. I love watching her. We LOVE her dance studio...


Unfortunately, its right after school and Anthony HAS to tag along because Jason isn't home from work yet... In the winter, it (for lack of a better word) sucks. I have to keep Anthony occupied, quiet, and happy in a wee tiny, usually packed, waiting room... This would NOT be so difficult except that he has had to be quiet, still, and did I mention QUIET all day at school and with us rushing off to ballet he hasn't had time to jump, shout, wiggle, and yes SHOUT as all little boys should!


During the spring and fall, ballet becomes a wonderful little gift to Anthony and I. We get to head out, just the two of us, and for one hour we get to explore my favorite old town together. Just the two of us... If you have more than one child, you know what a precious gift one on one time is... To be spending it outside, in the fresh air, not being quiet and still? That my friends is the most precious gift of all!

This past week, my little guy and I had a fantastic time, exploring, running, jumping, singing, laughing, getting dirty, and of course SHOUTING! It was so fun and I already can't wait until our next ballet class, for we have a special date: Just the two of us!

April 17, 2013

18 Years is a LOOOONG time!

But I can't think of anyone I would rather spend it with...

Sunday, Jason and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary! Crazy, right?!? It trips me out when I think how I have been "Jason's wife" for more than half my life... BUT I wouldn't change it for the world!

Anthony texted me this from the ipad... silly boy!

When the kids heard us talking about our anniversary, Anthony squealed with delight, "Woohoo! Now we get a babysitter!!!" What?! First, my kids never have a sitter so how do they even "know" what that is? Second, why is this a good thing?! After asking these questions, Ant quickly informed me that when moms and dads have an anniversary they go on a date with NO KIDS ALLOWED and he REALLY wanted a babysitter because then he could do whatever he wants! hahaha Sorry kid NO DICE!

Picture taken of my sweet baby girl, Madison
Instead of a kid free "date", we opted for a family day exploring one of my favorite old towns. We visited a monument, went to the park, had lunch, and played by the river. We even ended the day with the mandatory trip to urgent care for Madison because she had STREP! (have I ever mentioned how much I loathe strep?)

It was a great day (even if Mad ended up sick) and we enjoyed spending it with the little people our 18 years of marriage created...

These 18 years have been quite the adventure and I cannot wait to discover what the future holds for me and my partner in crime!

April 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday... almost

Intently listening to my children's stories is the most precious gift I can give myself... 
I cherish them immensely and need to listen,
 really listen

April 2, 2013

March 12, 2013

February 19, 2013

wordless wednesday (almost)

Temps were supposed to reach mid 50's and the woods were calling...

Ha! More like 30's and it rained! But the view was worth it... even while freezing, getting wet, and climbing straight up! (oh how I was DYING)... but it was SO worth it!


February 18, 2013

This is my normal!

I have been super excited, bursting at the seams, almost ready to ruin a surprise, but I stayed strong and my lips were sealed! A little over a month ago, I planned a surprise trip for my minis... We were in MAJOR need of some QUALITY family time, away from the day to day, just the four of us.

Lego Fest was coming to a nearby city, so I knew that would be the perfect thing for our fam to do so the planning began and even though I wanted to tell the kids, I stayed strong and did not mention a thing until they woke up Saturday morning!

As they were rubbing the sleep out of there sweet little eyes, I bounced out of bed (first time ever for the record!) dying to tell them about our fun weekend! "Guess what guys? We are going to a children's museum today... AND we are gonna spend the night in a hotel... AND tomorrow we are going to lego fest!!!" Both kids started screaming and jumping and saying thank you thank you over and over! That moment made keeping my secret TOTALLY worth it!

So, we headed out of town ready to start our adventure. About 45 minutes into it... Flashing blue lights appeared OUT OF NO WHERE! Jason swore he was not speeding... The kids were oooooing and saying your busted and I just laughed as Jason snapped for me to grab the registration...  Sure he was speeding, I peered over at the cop as he approached Jason's window. "Sir, I pulled you over because your tint appears to be illegal... Can you roll the window halfway up please?" I should have interjected and said "yeah, its illegal. Don't waste your time. We pay more money in illegal tint fines per year than some people spend on groceries. My husband will agree to fix it, pay the fine, and say whatever and the tint will remain. Have a nice day officer for we are just getting started on our family vacay and this is wasting precious minutes of family time. Mmm K? Thanks" But instead we sat on the side of the road as another almost 200 dollar ticket was written. I wasn't gonna let it get us down though... I mean I had GRAND ideas of BONDING time!

Once that little snafu was shoved into the glove box we were back on our way... We stopped for lunch, and played our hearts out at the children's museum. We were all having a blast and just enjoying each other. As we pulled up to the valet, I sighed with contentment... Just what we needed. However, that content feeling? It was pretty was fleeting...

As we enter the hotel, my kids immediately honed in on the revolving door and beelined it as we were grabbing the bags... OMG I stood there horrified as my kids screamed with delight as they pushed the door round and around and around some more! I bolted to the door finally managing to squeeze myself into a slot as my heathen children whizzed past. Mortified, I corrected them and told them to be quiet as mice and to stay by me (Though, I was much less horrified when I saw the workers giggling... Yes people THEY are funny when they are not YOURS!)

We FINALLY get in our room and the above mentioned heathens turn on every light and proceed to jump from bed to bed screaming WE LOVE HOTELS!!! Always ready, this sometimes super mom, whips out some bathing suites quickly dresses everyone and we head to the pool to burn off the rest of that energy! It was a ton of fun :)

With wrinkled and water logged fingers we made our way onto the city blocks to find a casa de crazy friendly restaurant... As we wait for our food, we do our high low of the day and Jason proclaims how this was a great idea and how he thinks we should do Philly next... At that exact moment Madison reaches over and knocks Jason's freshly poured 22 ounce beer into his lap! NOT KIDDING! Thankfully, the day was such that we just laughed it off and Jason didn't complain about his beer soaked pants!

We all snuggled in fairly early, we were all tired and excited for the big lego day in the morning so sleep came fast! Around 2 a.m. I was jolted awake by a blinding light... As I am trying to figure out what was happening. I hear it. Retching. Gagging. Vomit. CRAP! I head to the bathroom and there is poor Ant, huddled over the toilet puking. As I wipe his face he bursts into tears because he was gonna miss the lego fair! I assured him if he felt better we would still go. Yup. I am THAT mom. Sorry...

In the morning, my alarm went off and shockingly I was the only one awake. I took a LONG hot shower and as I was getting dressed, the door FLIES open and Ant hits the toilet. This time with the SHITS! Are you kidding me?!?!? SERIOUSLY? Why does this stuff ALWAYS happen to us... We are a catastrophe waiting to happen!

Thankfully, he was fine, acted fine, and felt fine. I really think he just had a whole lot of greasy food and it didn't sit well. Who knows. If it was a bug it was gone quick because he was fine after that...

Lego Fest was a lot of fun. The kids built, played, and ran all over that place.

Our weekend was awesome even though we had a few bumps along the way... We are all already looking forward to the next one and the kids have decided to live in a hotel FOREVER!

*Note to self... Next time use the real camera and NOT the iphone! http://www.blogdash.com/full_profile/?claim_code=d53e977711f83d7e586e56251fddeb59